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SCU Series
The perfect safety solution
for EtherCAT

The SCU series' FSoE modules are easy and convenient to integrate into an EtherCAT environment.

Applications with safe drive monitoring and/or high time requirements can be solved easily and transparently.


  • Safe logic processing of input, output, status and activation signals
  • Simple and transparent programming and parametrisation in the EtherCAT environment with SafePLC²
  • Fast response time thanks to integrated Fast Channel Task with guaranteed processing time of 4 ms
  • Complete set of drive monitors for single axes and calculated axes (output kinematic function)
  • Time deterministic data communication and processing for safe position and speed functions even over distributed sensors / multiple axes
  • Profiles specifically adaptable to inverter types / manufacturers for process data exchange and central parametrisation
  • Optional safe kinematic module for 6/12 axes for spatial speed/position monitoring
  • Optional additional fieldbus interface and PROFIsafe / FSoE slave stack for safe connection to higher-level control systems
  • Secure data exchange between several SCU (FSoE masters) using EAP
SCU Master

The SCU master (FSoE master) includes both safe logic processing of input, output, status and activation signals as well as a complete set of drive monitoring functions.

With profiles specifically adapted to inverter types / manufacturers, the safety functions integrated in the inverter can not just be activated and their status processed, but also centrally parametrised. Safe data between the SCU series master and slave modules can also be picked up and transmitted time deterministically with the help of the EtherCAT DC. This enables the kinematics calculation of decentralized axes as well as distributed axis information, e.g. the motor feedback signal and a distance encoder, to be used to generate safe speed and position. Communication is using safe fieldbus systems such as FSoE or PROFIsafe.


  • Can be programmed conveniently and clearly using SafePLC2 in FUP
  • Library for all common IO elements (emergency stop, door lock, light curtain etc.)
  • Complete set of drive monitoring systems
  • Optional kinematics module
  • Easy integration of safe drives through adaptable safe drive profile
  • Storage of safe parameters in the SCU
  • Either centralised or decentralised drive monitoring possible
  • Optional PROFIsafe, FSoE slave for connection to higher-level control system
  • Fast-channel PLC task enables a guaranteed response time of 4 ms
  • Secure data exchange between several SCU FSoE masters using EAP
  • Applicable up to PL e (EN ISO 13849-1) and SIL3 (IEC 61508)
  • Up to 32 FSoE slave modules
SCU Slaves

The SCU slave modules offer safe I/Os, safe speed and a safe position for centralised or decentralised analysis.


  • Reliable detection of speed and position
  • Safe processing of digital inputs and outputs
  • Complete set of drive monitors for decentralised monitoring