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SMX 10/2

Freely programmable modular compact-type safety controller

  • 14 Digital inputs
  • 2 Relay outputs
  • 2 /4 pn- or pp-switching outputs
  • Safety Controller up to PL e acc. to EN ISO 13849-1 or SIL3 acc. to IEC 61508
  • optional: safe/non-safe Communication interface
  • Characteristics

    • Extendable up to:
      • max. 42 safe digital inputs,
      • max. 12 safe digital outputs,
      • max. 20 safe digital I/O‘s,
      • max. 11 safe relay outputs,
      • max. 10 auxiliary outputs
    • Logic processing up to PL e acc. to EN ISO 13849-1 or SIL 3 acc. to IEC 61508
    • Logic diagram oriented programming via SafePLC²
    • Pulse outputs for cross-shorting detection of digital input signals
    • External contact monitoring of connected switchgear (EMU)
    • Monitored relay outputs for safety relevant functions
    • Switchable safe semi-conductor outputs pn-, pp-switching for safety-relevant functions
    • Comprehensive diagnostics functions integratedParameter management for expansion modules in base device
    • Status monitoring by coded 7-segment-display and status LEDs
    • Multifunction buttons (quit, start, reset) can be operated from the front side
    • Configurable via SafePLC² Seriel USB-adapter or Ethernet-based fieldbus
    • Optional: Communication interface:
      • Standard and safe field bus protocols for communication with a higher level controller (PROFIBUS, PROFINET, DeviceNet, CANopen, EtherNET/IP, EtherCAT, Modbus TCP, PROFIsafe, FSoE)
      • Safe cross communication (SMMC) for data exchange between multiple base devices
      • Field bus protocols with the same hardware can be switched with SafePLC²
      • Safe remote I/O communication for data exchnage with distrubted I/O systems
    • The mechanical construction of the SMX10/2 (/x*) is dependent on the respective forms of the base module

    * Optional: integrated Communication interface (/DNM, /DBM)

  • Variants

    • Safety related characteristic data
      Performance Level PL e (EN ISO 13849-1)
      PFH / architecture

      12,6 FIT / Cat. 4

      Safety Integrity Level SIL 3 (IEC 61508)
      Proof test interval 20 years = max. operating period
    • General data
      Max. no. of expansion modules   2
      Interface for expansion modules   T-bus connector, pluggable in top-hat rail
      Number of safe digital inputs   14
      Number of safe digital outputs    
        pp-switching ** 4
        pn-switching ** 2
      Number of safe digital I/O   -
      Number of relay outputs   2
      Number of safe analogue inputs   -
      Number of auxiliary outputs   2
      Number of pulse outputs (clock outputs)   2
      Type of connection   Plug-in terminals with spring or screw connection
      Axis monitoring   -/-
      Encoder interfaces (D-Sub / screw terminals)   -
      ** pn/pp are configurable via SafePLC²
    • Electrical data
      Supply voltage (tolerance)     24 VDC; 2A (-15%, +20%)
      Fuse X11.1   min. 30 VDC; max. 3,15A
        X11.2   min. 30 VDC; max. 10A
      Max. Power consumption (logic)      
        SMX10/2   3,1W
        SMX10/2/x   6,5W
      Rated data digital inputs     24 VDC; 20 mA Typ1 acc. to IEC 61131-2
      Rated data digital outputs      
        pn-switching   24 VDC; 2A *
        pp-switching   24 VDC; 2A *
        auxiliary outputs   24 VDC; 250mA
        pulse outputs (clock outputs)   24 VDC; 250mA
      Rated data relays      
        Normally open DC 13 24 VDC; 2A
          AC 15 230 VDC; 2A
        Normally closed (read back contact) DC 13 24 VDC; 2A
      see „Derating outputs“
    • Derating outputs

      » Maximum current load based on temperature
      » The maximum total current is 10A

      Type of module Outputs Temperature 30°C/50°C
      SMX1x/2/x Q 1 - Q 4 2A / 1,8A
    • Environmental data
      Temperature 0°C … +50°C operation
        -25°C … +70°C storage and transport
      Class of protection IP 20
      Climatic category 3K3 acc. to DIN EN 60721-3
      Min-, Maximum relative humidity (no condensation) 5% - 85%
      EMC DIN EN 61000-6-2, DIN EN 61000-6-4, DIN EN 61000-6-7,
      DIN EN 61800-3
      Operating altitude 2000m
    • Mechanical data
      Dimension (HxDxW [mm]) SMX10/2 100x115x45
        SMX10/2/x * 100x115x67,5
      Weight [g] SMX10/2 300
        SMX10/2/x * 400
      Mounting   to snap on top-hat rail
      Number of T-Bus    
        SMX10/2 2
        SMX10/2/x * 3
      Min. terminal cross-section / AWG   0,2 mm2 / 24
      Max. terminal cross-section / AWG   2,5 mm2 / 12

      Specification, see: " Optional integrated communication interface"

    • Device interfaces

      Interface Description of interface
      X11 - X14 / X21 - X24 / X81 Voltage supply and I/O interface
      COM Diagnostic- and configuration interface
      X91 / X92 Decentralised SDDC ETH and SMMC interface
      X93 / X94 Field bus interfaces
    • Voltage supply and I/O interface
      X 11
      Pin 1 - A1.1 Voltage supply device +24 VDC
      2 - A1.2 Voltage supply device +24 VDC outputs
      3 - A2.1
      4 - A2.2
      Voltage supply device 0 VDC
      X 12
      Pin 1 - I13
      2 - I14
      Safe digtal inputs
      3 - T1
      4 - T2
      Clock outputs
      X 13
      Pin 1 - NC No function
      2 - NC No function
      3 - Y1
      4 - Y2
      Messaging and auxiliary outputs
      X 14
      Pin 1 - I01
      2 - I02
      3 - I03
      4 - I04
      Safe digital inputs
      X 21
      Pin 1 - Q1 Output of the pn-switching Q1_PP / pp-switching Q1
      2 - Q2 Output of the pn-switching Q2_PN / pp-switching Q2
      3 - Q3 Output of the pn-switching Q3_PP / pp-switching Q3
      4 - Q4 Output of the pn-switching Q4_PN / pp-switching Q4
      X 22
      Pin 1 - Q5.1
      2 - Q5.2
      Safe relay output
      3 - Q6.1
      4 - Q6.2
      Safe relay output
      X 23
      Pin 1 - I05
      2 - I06
      3 - I07
      4 - I08
      Safe digital inputs
      X 24
      Pin 1 - I09
      2 - I10
      3 - I11
      4 - I12
      Safe digital inputs
      X 81
      Pin 1 - SD_BUS_24V Power supply SD-BUS +24 VDC
      2 - SD_BUS_GND Power supply SD-BUS 0 VDC
      3 - SD_BUS_OUT SD-BUS Output
      4 - FUNC_EARTH Functional Earth
      only available at fieldbus interfaces
    • Diagnostic and configuration interface
      RJ 10, 4-pole
      Pin Description COM
      Front side
      1 GND
      2 RS485-
      3 RS485+
      4 VCCH

      » With existing Ethernet-based fieldbus interface, it can be used as a diagnostic and configuration interface.

    • Decentralised SDDC ETH and SMMC interface

      Pin assignment female connector

      Communication interface (RJ45) Front side
      Pin Name Description Color X91 / X92
      1 TX+ Transmit Data + white-orange  
      2 TX- Transmit Data - orange
      3 RX+ Receive Data + white-green
      4 nc not used blue
      5 nc not used white-blue
      6 RX- Receive Data - green
      7 nc not used white-brown
      8 nc not used brown

      Safe Master - Master Communication (SMMC)

      SMMC communication enable a secure data exchange of 2 bytes between multiple SDDC masters. Communication takes place without a master for coordinating the data. This means that data exchange between available subscribers is always possible. This principle means that an incomplete or separates network can work in part areas without chnaging the configuration.

      Each port can be configured in the SafePLC².

    • Fieldbus interfaces

      Pin assignment female connector

      Ethernet-based fieldbus interface /xNx (RJ45) Front side
      Pin Name Description Color X93 / X94
      1 TX+ Transmit Data + white-orange  
      2 TX- Transmit Data - orange
      3 RX+ Receive Data + white-green
      4 nc not used blue
      5 nc not used white-blue
      6 RX- Receive Data - green
      7 nc not used white-brown
      8 nc not used brown

      Pin assignment CAN-based fieldbus interface

      CAN-based fieldbus interface /DBM, /xBM (D-Sub) Front side
      Pin CANopen PROFIBUS DeviceNet  
      1 - - V-
      2 CAN_L - CAN_H
      3 isoGND RXD/TXD-P (b) DRAIN
      4 - CNTR-P CAN_L
      5 - GND V+
      6 - VP (+5V) -
      7 CAN_H - -
      8 - RXD/TXD-N (A) -
      9 - CNTR-N -
    • Optional integrated communication interface

      » Subsequent expansion capability of standard to safe field bus via additional Mini SD card on the back of the module is possible (/xNx und /xBx)
      » Different specifications can be combined

      General data
      Decentralised communication interface    
        /D 2x RJ 45 *
      Field bus interface    
      2x RJ 45 **
      1x Sub-D ***
      Memory Card (safety program)    
        /xxM 1x Mini SD (front side)
      Memory Card (license for safe field bus)    
      1x Mini SD (rear side)
      SD-Bus   plug-in terminals 
      Status LEDs   
      Field bus adress rotary switch    
        /xBx  2
      *optional for SDDC or SMMC
      ** available field buses PROFINET, EtherCAT, Modbus TCP and Ethernet TCP/IP
      *** available field buses PROFIBUS, CANopen und DeviceNet


      Combination options
      /D /DNM /xNM /xxM /DBM /xBM


      Field bus protocols /DBM /xBM /DNM /xNM
      PROFIBUS x x    
      DeviceNet x x    
      CANopen x x    
      PROFINET     x x
      Ethernet IP     x x
      EtherCAT     x x
      Modbus TCP     x x
      PROFIsafe * x x x x
      FSoE *     x x
      * Specification required in your order

      » The CAN-based and Ethernet-based fieldbus interfaces can be switched via the SafePLC² between the fieldbus protocols

    • Basic modules


      Description Item-No.


      Basic module, without Safe Motion



      Basic module + decentralised communication



      Basic module + decentralised communication + Ethernet-based field bus interface + Memory Card



      FSoE Basic module + decentralised communication + Ethernet-based field bus interface + Memory Card



      Basic module + Ethernet-based field bus interface + Memory Card



      FSoE Basic module + Ethernet-based field bus interface + Memory Card



      Basic module + Memory Card



      Basic module + decentralised communication + CAN-based field bus interface + Memory Card



      Basic module + CAN-based field bus interface + Memory Card

    • Accessories


      Description Item-No.


      Programming cable SMX



      Terminal connector, screw terminals (set), encoded for cabling SMX10/2



      Terminal connector, spring terminals (set), encoded for cabling SMX10/2

      on request


      T-Bus connector spannungsführend (grey)



      Y-cable for encoder splitting

      on request

      FSoE License

      Fieldbus license for FSoE


      PROFIsafe License

      Fieldbus license for PROFIsafe

    • Extensions


      Description Item-No.


      I/O expansion module



      I/O expansion module with relay option



      I/O expansion module with relay option

    • Software


      Description Item-No.

      SafePLC² 1st

      Programming software, 1st License incl. Hardlock


      SafePLC² 2nd

      Programming software, 2nd License incl. Hardlock


      SafePLC² 3rd

      Programming software, 3rd License incl. Hardlock