Whether machine-industrie or terotechnology, process, production or warehouse and materialhandlingstechnology - SMX provides all the required safety.
In a wide range of applications, SMX demonstrates their safe ability. The scalable, modular style in addition to the praxis oriented

conversion of the machine safety makes it to the very best solution for most of the industry. With the new bloc functions even more certified branch oriented functions are offered, taking the SMX series to the best solution for your application!

SMX-safe logic devices are the very best solution for everey safety task!

BBH Products offers comprehensive safety related services up to a complete solution from one hand.

From simple consulting up to complete design and realization of the safety related system, from risk analysis or system FMEA, demonstration of the PL in accordance to EN 13849 up to the complete documentation and technical support of the safety approval - BBH Products offers optimum and complete service for the machine and terotechnoloy safety.